Todd Rice began directing in 1992 and has brought these skills to almost every project he has been involved with since. This has enabled him to use his directorial skills to teach in both the corporate world as well as in the acting world.

He has directed improv troupes, video shorts, voice over work, radio shows and radio advertisements.

Believing in ensemble, his directing style is often one of consensus. Open to ideas of others but ultimately being the decision maker on all creative decisions, he sees himself as enabling talent to be seen at its best rather than needing to shine on his own.

For improv troupes, he brings years of training from multiple sources at the top of their game. Del Close, considered by many to be the father of modern improvisation, taught Todd for over a year. Todd also trained with the late great one-two punch of Second City, Martin De Maat and Don DePollo. Other teachers included Ann Libera, Charna Halpern, David Murphy, Ron West, Fran Adams, Kelly Leonard, Jay Leggett, Gerald Owens and several others. He has also worked side-by-side with many more.

Todd Rice is the Director of THEY improv, one of the largest improv troupes in the world and has directed performances in all 50 states as well as internationally.

Todd Rice director